October 15, 1987

I will mortify you like I was mortified, I will humble you; Vassula, I love you and it is out of love I watch over you; since I am directing you I know what is best for your soul; I will give you this penitence so that it washes away your tendencies of vanity; I, the Lord, will see that your soul lacks nothing; I will always watch over you;

Thank you, my God, for helping me.

I am using you now but in a short time you will be delivered and in My arms you will be;

daughter, remember when I was in flesh among you, My life was nothing else but sufferings, sacrifices, anguishes, sorrows, the lot; I had no rest;

Vassula, I have brought you up for this Message; My flower, you are to bear My Cross together with Me to the very end; I love you infinitely;

I love You, Lord, and if You want me mortified, I will do Your Will.

be pliant so that I may do whatever I please with you; little one speak of Me;

(Jesus means to the Greeks on Rhodes island. The Greeks are very eager to hear and easily open their ear.)