August 10, 1987

(Last night I was wakened up by the Lord and He asked me to surrender, all over again. My words were:

“Thank You, Father, for having looked upon me,
who is but the personification of the sins of this world.
Thank You for Your Mercy when I denied You.
Thank You for the Love You have for me.
In spite of my guilt, You have lifted me into Your Heart.
Allow me to be near You, near Your feet.
Already by allowing me this it is more than I deserve.
Allowing me to talk to You is more than I merit, I merit nothing.
Father, I surrender completely.
I know I’m nothing but this nothing belongs to You.
You want to throw me in a corner, do it.
You want to trample me, do it.
You want me to suffer only, do it.
You want me in Your Heart then it is more then I ever deserved.
Whatever You wish, Lord, I will but thank You, and Love You.
Use me if You wish to my last strength to help others.
Make me worthy so that You are able to use me completely,
I am Yours and Yours only, wretched, but I love You.”)



I am; Vassula, August is when I started to teach you; Vassula, it is a sort of anniversary between us; rejoice! beloved, it is our feast; let me place a wreath of Love on you; come, celebrate with Me; I will let you go now, 1 but come to Me to celebrate My August;

(By telling me this I ran and searched in my old copy-books for the date of August; I jumped with happiness to read in my note-books what my angel Dan (the guardian angel) was saying to me: “I, Dan, bless you in the name of God our Father, His Beloved Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Then my angel handed me over to God and from there on Yahweh started to teach me. Dan ended by saying: “Glory be to God, I have done all that God wanted me to do.”

I ran quickly and told my cousin, I was flying with happiness! I was celebrating with God! She was happy too but warned me that others who don’t understand might believe I’m in love with God. Loving Him wrongly. What she said saddened me a lot, and scared me. Could she be right?)



I’m scared for this.

I know; Vassula, have My Mother; I would like you to understand how wrong your thoughts are;

I have taught you to love Me, your God, as I want everyone to love Me; I am celebrating the end of a year; beloved, will you be My daughter of Peace and Love? I have seen many lives taken by hatred; I filled My Kingdom with Eternal peace, would I not see My creation toil for peace?

little one, I have approached you in spite of your wretchedness, denials, and failures; I am a God of Love; I look upon My children with loving eyes, let everyone learn to recognise Me until I come to deliver them; let every soul approach Me without fear; let them know that I will receive them with open arms for I am a loving Father; let them know how I can turn the stones into devout followers of Mine; let them know how I liberate their soul and give them real freedom;

Vassula, I will not abandon you, but because of your fear, have My Mother teach you how wrong you are, I will be always near you; us, we?

Yes, Lord.

(I understood. St. Mary is for some time going to teach me and prove to me that my fears are wrong.

Between the 10th and 14th, I felt St. Mary close to me, talking to me and I started to realise that my emotional feelings were as strong as Jesus’; they were the same.)

1 I had to rush for an appointment.