July 27, 1987

(I come with a feeling of desolation, I feel God is not so near as before.)

grieve not, My Vassula; I will clarify to you all this; I am near you;

July 28, 1987

(Still with this feeling of desolation.)

Jesus, I am so afraid to be misleading people when I tell them that I feel sometimes your hand caressing my head. Maybe I’m wrong? It would be terrible if I’m wrong!

grieve not, believe in my Redemptive Love; I have caressed you so many times in the past as well as now; no, Vassula, you have not imagined it; it is I, Jesus;

July 29, 1987

(Still with this desolate feeling.)


I am; I have told you that My bonds are eternal bonds; what have you to fear? erroneously you believe that because you are not used1 as before I am less with you, or that I have forsaken you, or that I am angry with you; no; no, Vassula, it is none of these reasons; My Love has not changed, I have not deserted you, I will continue inspiring you;

July 30, 1987

(I’m still worried. Why can’t I feel God as before?)


I am; come, look at Me; look, yes;

(I looked into God’s eyes and melted.)

regardless of what you are have I not raised you and placed you in My Heart? Vassula, My Vassula will I ever forsake you? 2 reflect, I am Love and until I come to deliver you I will pour My Love into you; ela thipla mou, imé o Christos; 3

July 31, 1987

Vassula, come; I will clarify your groundless fears of desolation; it is insight I am teaching you, do not take this as abandonment from Me; write;

I am giving you My grace to reach a higher degree of meditation while, at the same time, I am purifying your soul for this higher attainment; be assured, My beloved, that I am with you and never far; I am stimulating your love to Me and strengthening you; a deeper devotion and a fuller love for Me will be the results of all this;

Vassula, I desire you to achieve this higher degree of meditation; you must grow; beloved remove all shadows of doubt from your mind – shadows that distress you; I want you to progress, I want your soul to attain perfection and purity; I want to advance your soul into this higher and more delicate light; your soul thus cleansed will be able to offer Me virtues shelled in perfection and purity;

from meditation, you will reach in a higher level of contemplation; this aridity and feeling of desolation which leaves you to think ‘all is gone’, it is because I withdraw from you part of My Light; do not fear, though; be glad you feel the difference; by withdrawing part of My Light I reinforce your desire of seeking Me and thus I infuse you with more delicate Light in your intellect; yet, all Light is never totally withdrawn, for I always leave you with some Light for you to be able to see and follow it and to sustain you from stumbling;

I give you this vigour to continue seeking Me more fervently than ever; seek in Me My desires; Vassula, I will never ever leave you; why, I am your Heavenly Father who wants you to grow and flourish and these are My Ways; have no fear but be alert, never fall asleep; be seeking from Me; you will learn, I am your Teacher; love Me, Vassula; smile at Me when you see Me and take My Hand when I give to you; have My Peace and trust Me; come I love you;

O Father, thank You for relieving me and explaining to me all this. Thank you for Your teachings. I love You!

1 In the sense of being an instrument of God.
2 He said this in so much sweetness that God only can talk in this way.
3 Greek: ‘come near Me, I am Christ’. (Jesus was trying to reassure me and I somewhat felt better.)