July 18, 1987

(I do not feel fit to write. Since my arrival to Switzerland I’m not well. First the flu followed by an infection in the mouth – I could barely eat – then followed by a piercing pain in my side, which stopped me from sleeping for five nights and which I still have, the flu all over, plus a lip infection.)

come; let Me tell you, all are coming from Me; these are My purifications;

daughter, I love you, learn how I work; I will sustain you even if you will have to suffer; I am caring for you and will not allow any stain on your soul; understand how I work, but feel Me, let Me hear you talk to Me, remember Me; never will I let anything come before Me; I am First; polishing your soul will make it shine like gold and now I will remind you why I chose you; I chose you because of your ineffable wretchedness and weakness; I am a God of Mercy;

now you may work, but have Me in mind always; I never leave you from My sight; watch My lips when I am talking to you; I love you, come; get up, face Me and let Me hear you now;

(True, I had neglected God for some time, our moving countries occupied me with other things.)

allow Me to use you still for just some more time;

Yes, Lord.

have My blessings;

I bless You, Lord.