July 10, 1987

flower of Mine, integrate in My Body, to live in wilderness is hard, but I will always guide you to My Fountain where I will quench your thirst and give you rest and shelter; daughter, be My sacrifice, all will not be in vain; hold on to Me, you are not alone, we are together crossing this wilderness; allow Me to imprint on you My special command: “love your neighbour as yourself;”

But Lord, it’s not new. You said this before.

are you following it? every ecclesiastical soul has yet to learn to obey My Command, let them draw from My Infinite Love and learn to love one another;

feel Me, all parts of My Body lacerate Vassula; I have not completed dictating you My desires and I still keep in store a bigger desire! Vassula you are beginning to feel it because I am enlightening you to sense what I desire; I love My creation boundlessly;

My God, if it is ‘this’ what You desire then indeed Your Kingdom on earth will be as it is in Heaven!

little by little you will understand;


(I felt helpless. I told Him something.)

I know, but have I not guided you so far? visions I will give you and you will write them down, be with your God who suffers too!

creation! My creation! today you deny Me as your God but tomorrow you will praise Me, worship Me and desire Me!

come, Vassula, never forget who I am; hold on to Me, call Me like yesterday1 and I shall rush to you; I love you; honour Me by desiring Me and loving Me;

in such situations, most of you say that it was luck, forgetting Me! there is no such word as ‘luck’ in My vocabulary! it is I who helps you, creation;

1 That was last night, in our new flat the concierge closes by lock the main entrance to the flats by 10.00 at night. We had forgotten our key in the flat. On seeing the door closed we knew we were locked out. I went to the door pleading, “O God, don’t tell me it’s locked let it be open! please!” It was locked, but at the same minute one of the neighbours was just arriving too and opened it.