November 28, 2016

My Vassula, My Grace has been revealed all through these years making salvation possible through My anointed Messages for many of My children; My glory has been manifest without reserve, and the Holy Spirit has generously poured Himself over this generation like never before in history;

My Vassula, rely on Me and learn that your only ambition should be to spread My Messages far and wide and to be sincere in My teachings; pray all the time and never weary of writing; then I shall continue giving you the gift of My Love; I will continue keeping you in My Royal Banquet Hall and with My Own Hand I will be nourishing you under the eyes of your oppressors; tasting the Love I have for you so that you may say:

“feed me with Your Bread, restore me,
Your Love inebriates me, lifts me,
and allows me to rest on Your Heart
and hold You fast;

Your Presence, my Lord and King
is like a Column of incense,
priceless in its fragrance;

Bridegroom of Your creation,
for how long will You keep Your Face hidden behind Your Veil?
do not keep me waiting,
since my longed-for wish to lift Your Veil is apparent
to discover Your Divinity;

draw me always in Your Footsteps,
O Prince of the Universe!
Your Royal Sceptre my guiding staff;

I still lack the Knowledge of Wisdom,
teach me to apply my heart to Your Will
and my ear to Your Wisdom;

in Your smiles now, You are offering me Wine to drink
from Your Mystical Cup, inebriating me to distraction;
how smooth is Its flow!

King of kings, robed in Majesty, Master of all power,
let me stay in Your Royal Banquet Hall forever,
taking shelter under Your Wings;”

yes, drink My Wine and eat of My Bread, and I will always lead you, to see you sprout with fruit; My Heart will be stirred by this noble theme, rise then and receive My Blessings; Goodness and Kindness will pursue you for the Sake of My Holy Name

little child, I will be reigning over you as your heart desires; ic