June 19, 1987

Vassula, deeds, deeds, I want to see deeds; I delight to hear your loving words which are a balm to My Wounds, but I will delight furthermore to see deeds from you! come; I will remind you how I worked on earth while in flesh, and how I taught My disciples to work in the same manner;

Padre Pio worked like You.

he worked for Me; I gave him all those graces to honour Me and revive My Name; to work in My Name glorifies Me and purifies you; remember, I shine on everyone;

Including people like me?

yes, including souls like yours;

June 20, 1987


how I was pleased to receive your light;

(St. Mary.)

adorn Us with love, have our peace;

(Very lovingly St. Mary said these words. I had lit a candle for St. Mary before doing the Stations of the Cross.)