June 15, 1987

(Yesterday I flew to Hong Kong (for our holiday). While in transit in Bangkok, something happened. I sat to read at the transit hall at the end of a row of chairs. Suddenly in front of my feet an Arab threw a carpet, totally ignoring me, with two others behind him, and fell to the ground worshipping God. With quite a loud voice attracting much attention. I felt awkward, as no one was sitting around me. I felt I was disturbing as I was just in front of them. I didn’t move. Their voices rose higher and someone took a picture of the whole awkward scene, from behind me.

Later on God told me: “this man said his prayers loud enough; enough to attract a lot of attention, he was heard in transit, but in that hall only, the walls heard him, My Heart never heard a thing, all the words remained on his lips; nevertheless, I heard your voice in spite that no one heard you and no one knew what you were telling me, but it came from your heart not from your lips;”

I did not want to write this down because of fear of discrimination, but God told me, “what have you to fear, I am the Truth, and does this not also happen with Christians too?”

Today we made a tour with a bus in the town and outskirts, suddenly instead of these tall buildings, I saw huge Black Crosses, 1 I thought it was my imagination but I heard God’s voice saying: “no, it is not your imagination; they are My Crosses;” When seeing “Consumers’ Paradise”, I thought that if I had to live in it I would die, it would be torture for me; and to think that a year ago I thought it was Paradise!

God does not want to spare me from saying this too. At our tour bus the guide showed us a super-villa of the richest man in Hong Kong. He told us there are two millionaires very well known by name in all Hong Kong; God’s Voice came in my ears saying: “But I know not who they are; they belong to the world;”)

their riches are worldly riches; they have nothing in My Kingdom;

(God took over to write this Himself.)

beloved, I am giving you signs; be alert, Vassula, believe what you hear from Me;

I’m thinking of the Arab.

holiness was missing from him; even you could see it;

(Later on:)

O Vassula, do I not deserve more respect?

(I feared this, I had no opportunity to be with God writing so I took my chance in the hotel room with my son around and husband. T.V. was on, I blocked my ears with a ‘Walkman’. I had nowhere to go!)

I justly withdraw all your facilities;

Why, Lord?

why? so that I teach you to desire your God; wait until we are alone;

Forgive me …

I forgive you; so Vassula, work while you are suspended;

How, Lord?

allow Me to whisper in your ear all My desires; Vassula, desire Me; use the graces I have bestowed on you; remember it is not only My Hand, using your hand; I opened your ear, I showed you how to see Me and how to feel Me, so use the other graces too; I love you;


I am, Vassula;

We are together in this way again.

yes, but not for long; reserve Me not for later, merely because you do not pursue your lifestyle of before; have Me locked in your heart, child;

Lord, will I have bigger trials?

O yes, you will face many more severe trials;

(I sighed.)

trust Me; I will be near you; you are My sacrifice are you not? why would I have you then among evil? I offer you to them, to be among wickedness;

But I am also wicked. What’s the difference? I’m like them.

are you, why then do you want to come to Me, at home?

Because I love You.

I fashioned you like Me to enable you to draw others to Me, I will detach you still more from earthly solicitudes; wait and you shall see; Vassula, yes;

(I just saw Him in front of me.)

love Me; come, take My Hand as you did yesterday;

(Later on:)

Vassula write the word aids,


Yes, replace it by the word Justice; 2 My Chalice of Mercy has brimmed over, and My Chalice of Justice is full, do not let It brim over! I have told you before that the world is offending Me, I am a God of Love but I am also known to be a God of Justice; I loathe atheism!

(Later on:)

beloved, you will penetrate into My Body, I will let you see My thorns and nails,

Lord, how will I see all this?

I will give you sight, so that you see; I will give you strength, to pull out my nails and thorns; recrucified I am,

But Lord, why have You let Yourself be recrucified?

Vassula, Vassula, taken by my own, neglected by My beloved, 3 come, honour Me, love Me!

I love You, I cling on You. When will this happen?

ah, Vassula, do not run in front of Me; come, all in good time,

But You know Lord that I’m an outsider, a nothing and not knowing what’s going on where You are mentioning, then who would want to see my papers (Your writings). They will, if it reaches them, throw all the writings in my face laughing, they will probably throw it around me like confetti. After all, who am I? Nothing but a ‘Professional Sinner’!

remember who is leading you! I am God, do you remember what you said to your friend, yes, the unbeliever? they were My words: you are like a mouse running away from a Giant; you are a speck of dust;

(True, a friend of ours, an unbeliever, received a message from God. He said to me later on: “In half a minute this message destroyed beliefs of 20 solid years. Why should I, a Professional Sinner, get such a message? But I will fight it. I will run away.” I laughed! Then told him God’s words.)

Vassula, trust Me,

Lord, I do, but it’s me that’s the problem. Why do You trust me? You should not. My Lord, I’m all good-will, yes, but as You said, very weak. Don’t trust me! I’m very sinful.

Vassula, you are ineffably weak; I knew this from all Eternity; but be nothing, I want you to be nothing, how else would I manifest Myself alone if we were two? let Me free always and I shall act in you; come lean on Me!

1 I remembered the words “arid lands”.
3 He said it in a very sad tone, like someone being betrayed by his best friend.