June 10, 1987

(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

(Yesterday was the final packing for our departure, lots of work!)

Lord, I was thinking of a theory which is called, “Christ Consciousness”, I think it means “our good inner-self”; maybe this is how the writings come?

Vassula, have I not told you that we are united, we are one, beloved, call it: “true life in God“; live for Me;

here is what I want you to write;

(I was wondering by a feeling what would God write now …)

My desires, little one;

(God made me read a part of Scriptures.)

yes, elevate, hear Me, will you see Me in My Church? Vassula, come to Me;

Which Church, Lord, which do You mean?

all are My Churches they are all Mine, they all belong to Me and Me only, I am the Church, I am the Head of the Church;

But the way You said it, Jesus, it was like you wanted me to go to a special one. That’s how I understood and heard You!

you can come to Me anytime in any Church, do not make any distinction like the others; they all belong to Me; 1 I am One God and have One Body, a Body which they have lamed; millstones have damaged My Body;

My God, You seem so upset!!

upset? O Vassula, why, why have they cruelly dismembered Me?

(God is very upset. He reminds me of the time He went and overturned all the money-makers’ tables in the Temple in Jerusalem. So far I never heard or saw Him SO UPSET!)



I am;

Is that You really so upset?

O yes, it is Me; O yes, I finally can place My words on you; Vassula, charism is not given to you for your interests, it is given to you so that My Words be engraved on you;

I have never felt You so upset before! Are You?

I am; My Body aches; It has been torn apart;

My God! but what can I do? I’m helpless!

do I not know all this, Vassula? I shall use you till the end; never fear Me daughter; uniting My Church will be the Glory of My Body; have My Peace, beloved;

Yes Lord, I won’t look left or right or behind, I will look straight ahead.

yes, understand how I work; be still like now, be willing to please Me, be one with Me;

Lord, suppose the ones You want them to listen, do not? Then?

now you are a step ahead of Me! child, walk with Me; together, yes follow Me, trust Me; come I will guide you;

(I was suddenly taken by surprise, I heard the dog bark, (unusual) then my bedroom door opened and I recognised in front of me the thief who entered three nights ago in our room stealing money, and who fled. There he was, again. I ordered him out. He turned around and left, then I gave the alarm. I knew that God was definitely trying to tell me something.)

Vassula, I am reminding you of something; when the brigand2 entered your room, did you expect him?


so will I come too; sudden; no one recognised him either, because no one expected him to be there;

(Jesus meant the ten packers and the office men who saw him but did not believe he was a thief. I have a feeling that this last sentence is very important and hides much more than it says. The word “recognised” is very deep too.)

did it remind you of something else? let Me tell you, he had sinned, but those who passed judgment on him, breaking the rod on his back, were they not in sin too?

I do not know what You are trying to make me understand. Yes, we are all sinners.

Vassula, will I see all this and keep silent?

Are You defending the thief, Lord?

no, Vassula, I do not … 3 name Me one man who has not sinned;

(I can’t think of any.)

big sins, small sins, all are sins, to sin is to grieve Me; Vassula, I am witnessing so many sins; Love is suffering; Love grieves, grieves; …creation! My creation, return to Love…

daughter, imbue Me with love; amend, beloved, amend;

1 The Church never divided itself, but people divided it and divided themselves.

2 God used the right word as later we found out that he belonged to a group. Brigands are groups of thieves.

3 Jesus was silent for a while.