June 6, 1987


I am; to look into God’s Face is to have seen Love;

I was looking at His picture, the Holy Shroud.

do you want Me to dominate you entirely, Vassula?

Yes, my God, I would if it is Your wish.

leave Me free then, never obstruct Me, live for Me;

Lord, how do I obstruct You, tell me so that there are no obstructions.

sins obstruct Me, sins, Vassula; will you really let Me act in you as I wish?

Yes, my God, forbid me from sinning, forgive my sins, act as You wish in me, do not consider my cowardice, pay no attention to it, drag me if You must, feel free with me. Do Your work. I do not want to be the cause of any delay, I do not want to be a hindrance to Your works. So pay no attention to my weakness, do as You please.

daughter, I am pleased with your words; come, I will continue My Works; leave Me free to do My Will; come let Me clarify how I work; I have given you many graces, Vassula, but I want you to acknowledge My graces, delight Me and believe in Me more;

I’m fearing that if I displease You, You might take away these graces …

why should I withdraw My graces?

Because if I don’t improve and don’t follow in time You might take them away.

no, never!

To me it seems right, to take away if one does not please You.

it seems right in your eyes, child; until I come to deliver you, I will feed you; I will never withhold My food; I, who longed for you for years, I waited for years to press you close to My Heart, loving you, would I now pull away My food from you? come, lean on Me as much as you wish; remember, I am Love; I give freely and I do not take away what I give; I will always remind you of My ways;