Fr. René Laurentin submitted the messages of Vassula to J. A. Munier, a licenced graphologist of the highest reputation and consultant for the Court of Appeals of Paris, France. He did not tell him anything about the matter except for the age (47) and the first name of the lady whom he did not know. The analysis, which is reproduced below, includes analysis both of the large handwriting (of Jesus) and the small (Vassula’s normal writing).

The report was prefaced with the title:
“Graphological interpretation, with no previous information (and without taking into consideration the text itself due to lack of knowledge of the English language)”

Interpretation of the large letters dictated by Jesus:

  • Extraordinary telluric force
  • A controlled enthusiasm with a touch of delight, i.e. seems to be the source of some kind of well-being.
  • She is filled with a force that goes beyond her normal self.
  • She is filled with invisible forces to which she reacts with a kind of primitive simplicity, whereas there is also in other areas a refined element.
  • She is convinced of this invisible power which she perceives with intensity.
  • She is an intermediary, like a center of transmission and amplification.
  • She has the faith of a mystic.
  • She experiences a kind of tranquil enthusiasm, a kind of fullness.
  • She is very redoubled, nourished by an invisible force that seems indestructible.
  • The writing in any case appears a bit strange from an ordinary point of view.
  • She is very hard-working, she is a docile pupil.
  • She is in a kind of second state, indifferent to the exterior world.
  • She can perceive invisible worlds quite well, like a medium.
  • She has a very great concentrated force; she is profound in meditation.
  • She does not belong to herself. there is a certain firmness.
  • She has great self-control, probably in her demeanor as well.
  • She is dignified.

Additional interpretation of the fragments of handwriting in smaller letters between the lines:

  • She is a person who lives in her own world.
  • She is not mentally ill.
  • She is of at least above average intelligence.
  • She follows her own logic.
  • She is capable of some integration.
  • She conducts herself with tenderness, kindness and docility.
  • She has a goal and she is dedicated to it.
  • She experiences an inspiration from a high level.
  • Her life is inspired by an ideal.
  • Nothing else really matters for her.