A new book by Fr Joseph Iannuzzi is available entitled, “A Theological Review of the Ecclesiastically Approved TRUE LIFE IN GOD Prophetic Revelations.”

Vassula recommends the book to be given to all, especially, to ‘doubting Thomases’.

This book is endorsed by two Catholic Archbishops who have offered the following testimonials:

      “In his Theological Review of the True Life in God prophetic revelations, Fr. J.L. Iannuzzi, S.Th.D. provides a timely and exhaustive research of Sacred Scripture, the Fathers of the Church, Magisterial documents and the mystics who are saints of the Church. Against the backdrop of Church Tradition and Magisterial teachings, this work successfully demonstrates the supernatural character of the TLIG revelations that I truly believe contain the Divine Dialogue of the Holy Trinity, Our Lady, and the Angels with humankind through Vassula Rydén. May it bring hope, advance souls on the way of salvation and love, and so further the kingdom of heaven on earth.”

+ Archbishop Felix Toppo, D.D., Archdiocese of Ranchi, India

       “The Theological Review of True Life in God, undertaken by Fr. J.L. Iannuzzi, S. Th. D., is a most welcome development that will certainly benefit many within and outside the Church. At last a very serious investigation by an expert theologian, resulting in a positive conclusion, offers a means to pray and experience God in the midst of the tempests afflicting the contemporary Church. God manifests his solicitude for man in using a non-Catholic – formerly a non-practicing Christian, a woman truly of the world – to manifest His greatness amidst human frailties. Fr. Iannuzzi so ably demonstrates in this work, resonating the thoughts of renowned saintly writers, that the message of Jesus through Vassula is in harmony with Catholic teachings and practices. I am convinced that Fr. Iannuzzi‘s findings will encourage many to discover more profoundly the True Life in God message and join Vassula and her many companions in the pursuit of a deeper holiness and a spirit of prayer and sacrifice, so as to hasten the day of Christian unity and a renewal of Christian Life in this tempestuous period of the life of the Church.”

+ Archbishop Ramon C. Arguelles, D.D., Archbishop Emeritus of the Archdiocese Lipa, Philippines


A review of the book by Lucien Lombard

The book is available from local TLIG Associations or can be ordered online.