October 12, 1986

peace be with you; any word that you feel is not right and troubles you, feel free to correct it; I, God, give you that feeling; Vassula, are you happy?

More than happy, overwhelmed.

(I can’t describe it when I feel God’s Love on me.)

(Later on, my angel came.)

I am Dan; I am before you;

Dan! How come?

remember what I taught you? be careful to recognise and discern; work in this way and you will progress; glory be to God;

Why did you come?

because I love you very much; lean on Yahweh for He is your Redeemer;

Why did you come?

I asked to come; remember, lean on God; I love you, I mean it; lean on Yahweh and go in peace; 1

I, Dan, bless you, in the Name of God the Father, His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit; I am God’s servant;

Do you remember how I was eight months back?

I remember, you were indifferent to God;

Yes. Do you remember when God’s Name was mentioned and written by you?


You said, “God is near and loves you.” It was like you were telling me, “Today the weather is fine.” That’s how my attitude was.


Then all the attacks I’ve had. I felt like I went through a PURGATORY.

accept it that way;

I imagine that maybe it’s like this, what someone goes through after he dies. PURGATORY, then, when one is purified, everything is clearer. One is more pure and elevated… I love God so much!… Does God really want us to be intimate with Him?

yes; call Him, turn to God;

Can I?

yes; the Light is here…2

I love you, I will help you; I am Peace;
feel Me; 3 I will shelter you; I will protect you;

God asked me to write down His Message that He gave us on October 8, 1986.

yes! peace be with you; I, God, am calling you now; here is My Message: remember, I, God, live; I live, I exist; are you still doubting? are you still analysing how? are you spending your whole lifetime analysing Me, diagnosing Me, having endless discussions whether I Am or not? why?

hear Me: when I first founded the earth I was filled up with joy; I spread out the stars and named each one of them; later on, with love and happiness, I created you; with My own Hands I formed you, giving you the breath of life; I raised you and blessed you; – I am your Holy Father; then I sent you wise men to guide you and teach you how all Creation began; I revealed Myself to you4 to teach you how your foundations began, who your Creator is;

I, God, am your Father; and now, you spend generation after generation sifting Me, analysing Me, dwelling in perpetual darkness, fleeing from Me, creating chaos among you; can you not understand how you slaughter each other, creating wars, hating each other, eradicating races and towns, leaving your homeland desolate, widowing your women, making orphans of your children, manifesting only hatred? where, where have all My blessings gone? where has the love I blessed you with gone? where are My children, where are they, where have they gone? I cannot recognise them anymore, 5 where have they gone? Evil has called them, hiring them as weapons to blow out all light left in them and destroy them completely;

I pain and weep to see My beloved children lost forever! am I radiating anger, hate or destruction? did you ever believe I am a God of war? am I not a God of Peace and Love? hear Me, O children, created by My Own Hands, coming from the crib I made for you, coming from My Hands which held you close to My Breast, blessed from the core of My Heart, healed by My Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, loved and cherished by Me, what have you become? where do you think you are going?

hear Me: return to Me, come back to Me, I who love you; learn from Me; I am Holy, be Holy, live Holy; do not deny Me, telling Me you do not know Me and that you never knew Me! have you imagined that I never existed and that My Word was only to entertain Hebrews? believe in My Word for I am its Author;

My Word is alive as I am alive; were it not, you could not have been; hear Me, life is but a brief passage and you are but briefly going through it; with an eclipsed life, how could you feel happy? how could any one of you believe you are able to survive in darkness? not one reed lives without light; I am the Light and being in Me you will live; I shine for everyone to see and be in My Light;

My Heart pains to see you in the evil’s claws, remaining in darkness; I can hear you all, how you are doubting and how you are analysing Me, how you turn your faces away from Me, refusing to hear, refusing to see! you have closed your doors to Me… My own! My own children analysing Me! many of you disbelieving Me! how have you forgotten Me? how can a child forget his own father or have any doubt of having one? is there on earth a child who believes he never had one? name Me one child who believes he came on his own… why, why do some of My children give Me so much sorrow?

I, God, am your Father, your Creator, and I love all of you; recognise Me… do not doubt and do not fear Me; fear Me only when you rebel against Me; why are you fleeing from Me? have Heaven as your home; My House is your house;

children, children are you denying Me because I, God, do not fit into your scientific world that you have created? are you trying to destroy your spiritual life? do you mock those that still have faith in Me, calling them dreamers? those whom you mock, calling them dreamers, are those who are awake and My Home will be their home, sharing all that I have; and in My pastures of repose they will rest, never more wanting, never more suffering;

I am Holy, so be holy, live holy; glorify Me; receive Me; believe in Me and love Me; be in My Light; hear Me now:

I, God, am revealing Myself again in your era; yes! in your time; I am the same; I am with you always; glorify Me and remember: I will be calling you, Vassula; have My Peace; I will guide you; I love you;

remember: I will reunite you;


are you happy to be with Me? leave your worries now and feel happy;

I, God, am the same; I lead My own in the same way; I bless you all; learn, Vassula, that it is I, God, who is leading you; 6 remain near Me, never fear Me; meditate, daughter, on My Holiness more; write this now:

I am Yahweh who is leading you; I have, daughter of My choice, been leading, at the beginning of times, Hebrew prophets, teaching them, guiding them and helping them to recognise Me; I, Yahweh, am the same God; 7 I led many wise men; I, God, work in the same way; I mean to bring all of you back to Me; I will remain near you; learn that I, God, will reunite you all to fill up My sanctuaries; I have revealed Myself again to lead you back to Me;

I have been watching you scatter, abandoning Me and forgetting Me; I was waiting for your legislatures to improve; I was reminding you that your life is but a brief passage on earth; I was reminding you that I blessed you; I am slow to anger; I, God, am full of love;

1 The day before this message, I confessed to God that I loved my angel Daniel and felt comfortable with him and peaceful, but God asked me to leave Daniel now and be with Him because He himself wanted to teach me. And I had been sad, thinking that I would never speak to Dan again.
2 My angel gave way to Jesus’ Presence. Jesus took over.
3 Jesus wanted me to feel His Presence.
4 To people like me, who forgot God.
5 Filled with grief, God said these words. For God created man in the image of Himself and this image now was destroyed by man himself.
6 I had problems accepting that it was really the Most High speaking to me in such a simple manner. My mind reeled.
7 Ex.3:15: “Yahweh, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob…”