October 11, 1986

peace be with you;

Why is it me who receives God’s messages?

I, God, choose; I have chosen you; I brought you up so that I give you My messages;

Did You decide it recently?

here is My answer: before you were formed in your mother’s womb, I, God, planned it; learn how I work;

I committed so many sins in the meantime!

every sin is forgiven by Me when you ask to be forgiven; be near Me now and I shall guide you; I am still teaching you, so do not get discouraged when you make mistakes; I, God, am the Almighty; I have the whole universe in the palm of My Hand;

Lord, no one will believe all this… The sceptics will say I am mad; or others, my subconscious is doing this.

leave those to Me; I am Yahweh, your Creator; I am leading you, Vassula, you need not fear; remember, I led many others before you; I overthrew kings and kingdoms; I straightened paths so that My Word would be known; I am the same;1 hear Me, I helped all those that followed Me; I will always help whoever follows Me; remember, I am always with you;

1 By this I understood that NO ONE will be able to STOP Him and His message.