May 8, 1986

(Phase 1.)

(Dialogue with my angel Daniel.)

be peaceful; glory be to God for being good to have given you His Peace; I shall guard you from evil; be good and make a prayer now; Jesus will bring you closer to Him; Dan;

May 9, 1986

peace; I am near you; do not fear; forever I shall pray and guide you; I forever shall guard you; be good; glory be to God; pray; Dan;


peace be upon you; I shall guide you closer to God and make you a better person; be good; glory be to God; may you go with the blessings of God your Heavenly Father; amen, amen; Daniel;

May 10, 1986

peace to you; I am your guardian angel; I forever shall guide you, forever guard you; Jesus purifies; God loves you; I am praying for you; praise Jesus;

I wonder if something wonderful will happen.

maybe something wonderful happened already…

You mean that I changed?

yes; glory be to God for bringing you close to Himself; Dan;

May 11, 1986


Are you happy that I am closer to God now?


Is it enough?

no; you must make further progress; I will help you; Daniel;