June 25, 1986

peace be with you; purifying you further will progress you; take the Road that leads to God; I will be praying for your perfection; love Jesus; turn to God; Daniel;

June 26, 1986

peace be with you; who was near you from the beginning of your life?

My mother (of course), doctors, etc.

I was there too; 1 I will always be with you; go eagerly to pray; Daniel;

June 27, 1986

peace be with you; who is your Father?

(I was surprised by his question.)

God is my Father.

praise Him; love Him and glorify Him;

July 1, 1986

(I went to Switzerland to visit my mother.)

be good with the widow;

(He called her ‘widow’ on purpose to teach me that our Blessed Mother is the only Mother we have.)

July 2, 1986

pray; be good; glory be to God; have the blessings from the Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ; Dan;

July 8, 1986

(I was afraid that all these writings were not good.)

peace be with you; feel how you have been healed from your guilt; Vassula, how?

By these messages.

yes; how then can these meditations be bad? thank and praise the Lord for healing you… have you heard of flowers that healed?


I, your angel, formed2 you through God; I flourished you, I fragranced you; I have healed you through God; Jesus blessed you; praise Jesus; I have done all the things that God wanted me to do;

fear not, for I am with you always; rely on the Bible; tell them that I heal the sick; fear not, I will heal you; flowers do heal…

(Jesus was speaking, then my angel came back to say:)

Jesus is your Healer; you delight Him; Jesus left you blooming; Dan;

(Later on:)

pray and love


praise Jesus and rely on the Bible; meditate; Dan;

1 My angel wanted to tell me that he was there from the beginning.
2 That is: ‘taught me’.