January 26, 1987

I, Jesus, love you everlastingly; hear Me and always remember this:

I, Jesus Christ, your Redeemer, love you from the depths of My Heart; approach Me and listen to Me; I want you to put all your trust in Me; have faith in Me; I want to warn you of what will happen: having found no evil spirit guiding you, they will induce in you another theory, the theory of the subconscious mind activating you, beloved, which is a psychological effect of the brain; many will be gathering against you; many will be breaking My Law; many will hound you as a suspect and their wickedness will oppress you, but I will answer for you; even when I will be proposing peace through your mouth, they will be all for war;

I am warning you, daughter, let not your era change you; cling on Me, your Saviour; I am always near you; do not let them afflict you; I will be near you helping you; you seem sometimes to forget My Presence; keep Me company;… O Vassula, how I long for the day of glory!

why do you keep your question withheld?

Yes, Jesus. ‘The day of glory’ – what does it mean?

I will tell you: it will be the day when all the revelations will come to light; it will be when all that has been written by Me and My Father will come to light; the Truth will not be concealed; come, now1 you are learning;

1 I understood that the time had not yet come for my mission. I was still learning.