August 7, 1986

peace be with you; praise Yahweh; God does wonders; believe… feel happy that Jesus Christ healed you; 1 pray more and think what all this is about; realise the importance; realise that the given messages are from

from the Hall of God;
Dominus, Seigneur,

have you realised that these pages are given by God?

God preached to you!


yes! write peacefully; I have done all that God wanted me to do; glorify Yahweh and follow Jesus; God has found a way to teach you; praise Him; this is God’s Gift; God has helped you and always will; Dan;

August 24, 1986

(Phase IV.)

peace be with you; live in peace and joy; I will give you Peace; I will augment your joy; I will work with you; welcome Me with love;

I am your Peace;

Who are you who say I, and I, and I? 2

I am Jesus Christ;

August 31, 1986

peace be with you; I bless you; I have wept on you, lamented on you, when I was reminded about your past;

Who reminded you?

God; He gave me a vision of your past, 3 and when you were unhappy; I wept also when I had to tell you to go; 4 I wept; God wanted it this way; I will go now to a reunion of saints;

Do you have a meeting?

yes; we pray; the Holy Spirit will guide you soon; I have worked with you to flourish you; have peace; you will progress; Jesus will soon call you;

Vassula, you can call Jesus any time;

Can I?

yes, He will work with you; Glory be to God; read the Holy Bible to acquire the knowledge; Daniel;

1 Spiritually.
2 I asked rather impertinently, thinking that it was my guardian angel. I thought he was overdoing it because the tone of his voice suddenly had taken such authority and superiority, like God’s.
3 Before my conversion.
4 God had given him an order to go at the time God left me in the desert, for purification.