December 29, 2018 – I, Yahweh, your Father, will continue to speak through you

ah, Vassula! little do you know of the graces I have bestowed on you to enable you to hear Me and be in My Presence…My transcendency surpasses every mind and has no end; you see without Me you can do nothing… apostle, I have raised you to be… and to be in communion with Me delights Me enormously;Read the Full Message

January 31, 2019 – The Day of My Return is nearer than you think

Lead my soul O Lord in the path of Eternal Life,
Lead Your Church into Unity,
Let your Message with all its riches
find a home in all of Your creation!
Revive us, revive Your Church,
Let Her Bloom and fragrance…

My pupil, I give you My Peace… write: … Read the Full Message