February 22, 2011 in Bangladesh

On Tuesday February 22, 2011, We departed at seven am to go north to Mymensingh as it was a four hour drive outside of Dhaka. Mr. Sujit Barua joined us as well .The Imam Islam waited for us to arrive in the city of Mymensingh and we followed him by car to his Mosque which is the largest Mosque of greater Mymensingh (Boro Masjid)

The Greater Mosque in Mymensingh

Upon arrival of the Mosque, we went into a room to meet all the Muslim elites and the head Imam named Moulana Aboul Haque. Vassula greeted the head Imam in Arabic as he was surprised to hear her speak Arabic. Everyone was introduced and they were so gracious in meeting everyone. To their great surprise Vassula spoke to them in fluent Arabic all the while during their conversation. The fact that she spoke Arabic made them feel somehow closer to her, since all of them should learn this language to be able to read the Koran. Imam Islam (who joins us on our pilgrimages) had organized this meeting. On the premises, was the dormitory that houses two thousand young boys that are studying Islam.

The meeting with the Muslims clerics in the room
Outside the meeting room with the Muslim Clerics

We then continued in Mymensingh and The Imam Islam escorted us to the Hotel Mustafiz , where there were many Muslim clerics patiently seated around a large table waiting for Vassula to address them. There were a few Baptist, including Fr. Benjamin Banerjee, and Matthew Mitra. A couple of Seventh Day Adventist, including, Edward Chambugong. Also, Fr. Robert Mankin the Catholic Priest who accompanied us there. Mr Sujit Barua a Budhhist, who accompanied us from Dhaka, he was the translator as Vassula spoke to them. This already was Ecumenical. Vassula addressed the group for approximately for a half an hour to forty five minutes

Vassula and the Muslim Clerics at the table in the Hotel Mustafiz in Mymensingh

Matthew Mitra, from the Baptist Church, asked a question as he read about it on Wikipedia which he had printed out with him, about the encounter with her guardian Angel Daniel and asked her to explain it. Vassula continued to explain how she saw her guardian Angel in a supernatural way. She also informed them of the thirty three Beth Myriams that are around the world to feed the poor .She mentioned that faith is not enough and we must do something for the poor. It is part of the mission to help the poor and feed them.

We then were invited to have lunch together with the Muslim clerics .We went to a Chinese Restaurant Rom III.

The Chinese Restaurant with the Muslim clerics in Mymensingh