October 21, 1986

peace be with you; I, Yahweh, love you; delight Me and stay with Me; come closer to Me…1

I, Jesus, love you; eat from Me; remain in Me; I am here helping you, see? I am in you and you are in Me; 2 do you remember My words? « I shall not leave you orphans, I will send you My Advocate to be with you forever; » 3 did some of you believe I had abandoned you? 4

5 tears will dry, sorrow will leave you, sufferings will vanish, weariness will end…

O children of My Heart, what have you become! I suffer to look at you tormenting yourselves; how My Heart pains to see you losing yourselves…6 make peace, My children; do not defy each other; love one another as I love you; pray, live in Me and free yourselves from evil; 7 come to Me; I love you so much! pray! I am longing anxiously for all of you to come back to Me; I am praying for your souls, praying that you wake up and see how you are withdrawing yourselves from God the Father, leaping into darkness, not knowing why; evil has set up all kinds of traps for you, banning you from all understanding, manipulating you with his evil grip upon you;

I watch all this and groan with pain, feeling full of pity to see you heading for the traps set up for you; how could I not suffer seeing My children taken by evil?

I will remain in you, loving you; I, Jesus Christ, bless all of you;

1 God the Father stopped and Jesus His Son continued to speak.
2 Jn 15:4: « Remain in Me, as I in you. »
3 Jn 14.
4 I think the question was aimed at me.
5 Very gravely, Jesus said these words.
6 I had to stop there. Jesus was very distressed, in tears. I could not bear it.
7 From evil attachments of this world.