October 14, 1986

peace be with you; feel loved; hear Me:
I, Jesus, will assemble My children and have them meet Me; 1

What will You tell them?

I will tell them this:

do not despair; I, Jesus, have come to give you hope; love one another, My beloved ones; I will be here in a short time again; I love all of you; remember, do not be discouraged; need your Heavenly Father; love Him more for He is Holy, so be holy, live holy; I, Jesus, am the Light of the world; I come to bring hope for all those that lost their hope; find in Me Peace; Vassula, I, Jesus Christ, lead your hand; it is I; glorify the Father in keeping and following His Commandments; pray, lest you will be put to the test; pray more and be awake;

children, whom I love with all My Soul, approach Me to learn from Me; follow Me and learn to be Holy; love your enemies and leave your hatred;

October 15, 1986

peace be with you;

Can I be in Your Light?

you are; hear Me: I, God, am the same, 2 and I work always in the same manner; true, some of you do not know Me and you do call Me mysterious because you have not understood My heavenly work;

I, Yahweh, am your Creator; I, God, create endlessly; accept my creation as it is; when I was with the Hebrew leaders, they heard and retained My Calls; they accepted Me, recognising Me and worshipped Me and invoked Me; 3

I, Yahweh, am the same God; I work in the same manner; delight Me and believe it is I, God, who am with you again; I exist and I live; My door is never barred; My door is left open and all is heard by Me; I am free to step out any time it pleases Me; years make no difference to Me; I am the same; listen to Me:

I, God, have been calling you4 constantly; why could you not hear Me5 all these years? a few heard Me; I am not difficult to attain and I am not complicated, beloved; do not shut your ears, hear Me: I, God, take every opportunity to be with My children and draw them near Me; I am a living God and I exist;

(Later on:)

peace be with you; I, God, bless you; remain near Me; feel Me6 and lean on Me; blessed be your boys, 7 I will care for them; love them both in the same way; blessed be your lives and blessed be your family; I bless each one of your family, may they find peace and love; all blessings live; go and rest;

1 I think Christ was speaking about the future, of how He’ll spread His Message.
2 As all this was beyond me and my mind reeled, God was trying to take away my doubts, that were really obstacles.
3 I really had problems accepting that God was really speaking to me. God was again trying to convince me that He does call.
4 All of us.
5 Paying no attention to His Signs.
6 Feel His Presence.
7 My two sons: Jan and Fabian.