May 17, 1986

Jesus forgives sins and purifies; I am coming to you with peace in His Name; pray; I am praying for you;

(Later on:)

peace; peace; love all the things that God has given you; may your love grow constantly and may it increase; Daniel;

May 18, 1986

peace be with you; come to Jesus and love Him; glory be to God…glorify God; come to Jesus, He died for you; need Him; I shall guide you to approach Jesus; come and yearn to learn the Good things; Dan;

May 19, 1986

I will help you and teach you to discern; I will teach you to recognise who is with you; 1 Jesus loves you eternally: « fear not, for am I here and I love you all; »

(This was Jesus speaking. My angel quoted Him.)

praise the Lord for He is good; glorify Him for He is near; Jesus brings Peace and Love to all; be good, be good; Dan;

May 21, 1986

glory be to God; I will pray for you; I will teach you God’s Law; I talk now for God; God


selected you to be His pupil and teach you all about Himself and His Son, Jesus Christ; praise the Lord; go in peace; Daniel;

1 While writing. To discern an evil spirit from God or my angel.