May 23, 1986

peace be upon you; I will bond you more to God; those bonds will strengthen your soul, giving peace to your soul;

lean on God; I love you; love God; I will tidy a place for you; I will wait for you; I will take you to God… collect money and give it to the poor needy souls; give them better clothes; 1 be generous; glory be to God; Daniel;

May 24, 1986

Jesus died for you;

fear not for I am near you;

(I immediately got alarmed.)

Who said this?

God said it; I shall clothe you in a white gown and I will make you pure2 in Jesus’ Presence; praise the Lord; Daniel;

May 25, 1986

Vassula, nothing lasts where you are, but where I live, all lasts forever, forever;

Glory be to God for bringing you closer to Himself;


loves you; live in peace; lean on




restores; give glory to Him;

Peace to all, Peace to all beings on earth; 3

May 26, 1986

(Phase II.)

be everything that God likes; turn to faith; be holy; reach to God and come with a clean soul before Him;


loves you; go and pray; glorify God and praise Him; Dan;

1 All that I earned in my exhibition was given to the poor. I bought stacks of the local outfit, saris for women and lungis for men, distributing them to Christians and Moslems alike. Later on, just before Christmas, I went with two friends from house to house, begging for donations for the poor. I lost a few friends for this act.
2 He was allowed by God to give me a special purification, later on, allowing me to see my sins with God’s Eyes.
3 This last line was from God.