January 25, 1987

courage, daughter; I, Jesus Christ, have instructed you that the cross you will bear is My Cross of Peace and Love; but to bear My precious Cross, daughter, you will have to do much self-sacrifice; be strong and bear My Cross with love; with Me you will share it and you will share My sufferings;

I was pleased to hear your prayer of surrender; in surrendering to Me I will lift you to heights and show you how I work; I will mould you, if you let Me, into a better person; you have given Me your consent to become My bride, so what is more natural than for a bride to follow her Spouse? I am glad you realise your worthlessness; do not fear, I love you anyway;

hear Me: do not be discouraged when I point out to you your weaknesses, since I am here with you to help you; trust Me always and depend on Me; understand Me by reading My Word; do not fall into traps, be aware of evil; keep close to Me and you will be safe; I will always remind you to stay awake; O daughter! how I long for this day!

What day?

the day when I will send you to all mankind as My gift; they will learn too to love Me and they will understand Me more; Wisdom will share her resources with all mankind; go in peace now and fulfil your duties; let us go together;

(Later on:)

Lord, my God, my soul melts within me in Your presence. Joy and Peace is enveloping me, for I am under a shower of blessings.

Vassula, you felt My warmth and the peace of My Heart; go and tell them; let them all know that My Heart is an abyss of forgiveness, mercy and peace; I love you, child, for hearing Me; 1 come, let us go; discern Me and keep Me company;

1 I understood, His Call.