January 19, 1987

I am here; I am the Lord Jesus Christ; allow Me to feed you with My instructions, little one; allow Me to feed you with My Wisdom;

little one, you must grow to bear good fruits; you must become fruitful to be able to feed many; I shall teach you to be constant and alert over the work I am giving you; I will have your eyes fixed on Me until you complete My work; I have allowed you to enter My Courts and be at the service of your King; He will teach you everything and your branches will spread in every nation to tell them the hidden sense of My proverbs; and beneath them, 1 My children will camp and shelter themselves;

arise and glorify Me; I will build you strong; I, Jesus, will instruct you with instructions wider than the seas and I will pour out teaching on you like prophecy; learn and take your fill from Wisdom; O come all you that are famished and thirsty; come, for My bread is free; come and eat to your heart’s desire; come and fill your cups; satisfy your palates with My bread from heaven, bread of instruction and understanding;

O daughter, how I long for this day, the day you will grow and your branches will bear the fruit of peace and love, yes, the day of My glory; I, the Lord, love My children everlastingly; tell them, tell them how I feel for them; let them know of My Love; 2

I will tell them, Lord; I will…

stay near Me, Vassula, for I know how you love Me; 3 teach them how to love Me; remember, you are in My grace;

Lord, what do You want me to do?

you will give My written messages and I will help you; call Me when you wish; I am always near you; go now in peace; I, God, love you;

I love you too.

(Later on:)

(Have you ever been visited by Yahweh? Have you an inkling of the extent of His Presence? Have you ever journeyed hand in hand with Yahweh? Tell me all about it if you have. God is clothed in fearful splendour, and His Presence with me is beyond my comprehension. Supreme in power, I fear Him. Where is Yahweh taking me? What are Yahweh’s intentions for me?

I knew You, Lord, only by hearsay, but now what can I say? A glimpse of Your celestial Courts was given me, a sight than cannot even gaze on from afar. How am I not to fear Him? And now here I am, praying to Him who restored me to favour, to publish far and wide His hymn of love and sing it before many nations! Yahweh is opening my path to go forward.)

O Lord, how am I to go and speak on matters I cannot understand and on knowledge beyond me? If I plead to You to remain hidden, will You take this as an offence?

I am here; I heard you…why are you fearing to be revealed?

I know that You are all-powerful, yet I do not understand why Yahweh is revealing Himself to me in 1987, and why, My Lord, You are giving me all these accounts.

I want to let you know how I work; have you not heard that I speak by dreams, visions and signs? I speak first in one way, then in another, until I am heard; do not fear; Wisdom has brought you up and will train you; I revived you so why do you fear? do you understand how I work? I it is, Yahweh Sabaoth; tell Me, little one, who taught you to love Me so much?

You, my God, through this message.

yes! I it is who taught you!

(Suddenly the veil which separated me from God was ripped off. I had known all the time that behind this veil His Glorious Majesty was sitting on His Throne, but now this hour terrifies me. I am standing in front of my Maker, a forbidden ground for flesh. I am quivering in front of such Splendour and Holiness.)

you are fearing because you are starting to realise that it is I, Yahweh; yes, daughter, it is I who is, who was, and who is to come;

I fear You. I am quivering in front of Your massive power.

do not fear; come, approach Me; I love you…

I am worried, and am fearing the outcome…

do not worry; I, God, am your Father; the heavens and all the creation are made by My fingers; all this in the palm of My Hand; remember that I am before you; My joy lies in your childishness; learn that in My great love I descend to offer you all, My saving help; child, be My bearer; do not fear, I will lead the way; you delight Me… work with Me, writing down My messages; remain near Me and do not fear Me;

I shall bind you to Me with My sweet conversation so that I safeguard My House; the poison is spreading in My House but I will make that My enemies’ fall; I will teach you now My ways and will learn, daughter, to walk with Me; be blessed, and do not forget how much I love you;

1 The branches.
2 I can’t explain in words the love God has for us. While God was saying these words He was feeling at the same time sad, very sad. I felt sad that so much love is ignored by us.
3 I felt Him need so much consolation.