December 10, 1986

daughter, be near Me; I am God the Almighty; glorify Me by awakening My children; tell them to read My Word, tell them to read My Call to you and to them;

Ah… I want to obey You but I tremble in my bones from their reaction. Then they might get scared.

alarming them, you mean; speak to them and do not be afraid of anyone;

My Lord, I don’t know how to handle all this. I don’t know even how to speak, I’ve never done these things before. Can’t You put in my heart and in my mouth Your words?

I will;

It is not, my Lord, that I don’t want, but I simply don’t know how to speak.

I know, depend fully on Me; I will place the right words on your lips and I shall fill your heart with My own words; I am fully aware of your capacity; courage, daughter;

December 14, 1986

I am willing to follow You and be whatever You wish me to be because I love you, Lord. So I will cling on your robes and even if my feet do not go forward, drag me then. I might have moments of weakness but I really want You to take me where You want me to go. I’m telling You all this now when I feel strong right now. Overlook my weakness in Your Compassion. I’m asking You this now, O Lord. This is my contract with You, Jesus Christ.

I heard you, child; I, Jesus, heard you, beloved; 1 live in peace, you need not worry since I am your Teacher; from Me you will learn everything; behold, the Morning Star is soon to be seen; rejoice! I am soon with you all;

blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God;

Is this actually happening? Is this really all happening, that each time You speak I hear You? Yet Your Name was given to me, is it really happening?

it is; 2 I am here;

Is it really You?

it is; I, Jesus, am here;

O Lord, please open their hearts that they may receive You. 3

(This came out of my mouth more as a lament than a prayer.)

are they ready to receive Me?

I don’t know but surely You can help them to be ready, and to understand?

I will help them; wait and you shall see; be watchful, Vassula; for I am soon with you; I love you;

1 Jesus was moved.
2 Jesus seemed amused.
3 I was talking about the time God will send me out to the nations with His Message.