December 15, 1986

peace be with you; I, Jesus, am with you; try and discern who is with Me;
(I saw with the eyes of my soul, His Mother.)

Your Mother! St. Mary?

your Mother too, child! listen to Her:

1 daughter, I love you; I am also near you; courage; stay with Us and work with Us;

Yes, I want to.

(I suddenly remembered an old dream, when I saw St. Mary. I had dreamt when I was around 10 years old that I was getting married and I was getting married to none other but Jesus! I did not see Him but He was there, the Invisible God. I was supposed to walk with Him among many people (the invited guests) who opened, while cheering with palms in their hands, a passage to let us go by. Then I saw a door opened. When I stepped in that room, I met St. Mary. She came forward and hugged me. She was very happy and around Her were other holy women. Then, suddenly, She started to fix my hair, my dress and was very keen that I would look perfect and beautiful for Her Son.)

(Then Jesus spoke.)

do you remember? I gave you that dream when you were eleven years old; I, God, had selected you; I kept your memory fresh for that dream so that today you would remember it;

What did it signify?

it signified that you would be chosen to work for Me; I, God, always reach My goals; I wanted you to love Me; I will bless you to work for peace; I will teach you to be holy and live holy, for I am Holy, and anyone working for Me has to be holy; courage, daughter; remember, I, God, am always beside you and I love you;

1 St. Mary spoke. This was the first time.