December 3, 1986

peace be with you; I am Yahweh Sabaoth, Creator of all; I it is who called you; 1 yes, in your generation too I can call and manifest Myself; I am the same; blessed be your line of descendants to come; do not ever abandon Me; I will instruct you with Wisdom; do not forget what I have taught you already; I am pleased with your work; I will lead you all the way to Me; remain near Me for I have selected a place for you;

Lord, where is that place?

(I thought, in another country.)

I will let you live in the middle of My Heart; daughter, acknowledging Me is loving My Word; remember My Word is alive as I Am alive;

December 6, 1986

peace be with you, daughter; behold My Presence; I am your Heavenly Father; be with Me; do not despair, you are still in the beginnings of My teachings and I will progress you; have faith and do not let men discourage you now that you are awake, for most of them are still in deep sleep; trust Me and lean on Me, I am your Strength; I am afflicted to see how My children’s hearts are closed on Me and do not understand My Works any longer…

when I was with the Hebrews, I called them and they retained My calls; everything was written down; I it was who willed to teach you that

I Am;

through My Word

I taught you; I it is who called you, I it is who calls still; to Me a thousand years is a single day; 2

do not lament on having to take My Word; I love you and I am fully aware of your fears… remember: I it is who chose you; I it is who leads you; I it is who selected you; before you were born I knew you and blessed you, daughter;

I will be ridiculed just like all those who received calls from You. Now I’m aware that I’ll be mocked by men; people will not believe me. I will be the laughing-stock of our own times!

yes, many were ridiculed before you for this is how men’s hearts are; they are coarse and hard; listen to Me: I, God, am a living God and I never commanded anyone to be godless; I gave men a heart to think with; to capture your attention, daughter, I had sent you My servant Daniel to bring you to Me; I had given him My orders; I it is who willed t show you My Works; do not fear, I come with peace for it is peace I want from you; I want you to live holy;

But, my God, You have chosen me?

I know what I chose; it is, Yahweh Sabaoth, who speaks; walk with Me, and when the time is ripe I will take you to Me; go in peace now, I am always beside you;

1 Again, I was wondering how could God speak to me as He spoke to His ancient prophets.
2 Then, God looked at me and somewhat reproached me for my attitude. I had been complaining sometimes that I had to sit and write when I was called.