The long awaited second volume of the True Life in God Messages has finally arrived.

The first printed book of the ‘complete’ messages received by Vassula was first published in 2006 and contained all the messages received up to mid 2003. Although Vassula continued to receive frequent messages, they were not published immediately.

It was not until the year 2014 that Vassula began publishing the messages she received from 2003 onwards here on the True Life in God website.

In October 2020, Vassula sent a message describing why the later messages have not been printed until now.

“I was waiting for a sign from Jesus, this ‘urge’ that I was waiting for from above to feel that Jesus now wants us to print the rest (of the messages). As long as I was not feeling the nudge, I was waiting. But now it’s here.”

Finally, a printed book of the same quality as the 2006 one-book is now available containing all the published messages from 2003 to January 2021.

Like the first volume, this second volume also carries with it the ecclesiastical seals of protection; the Nihil Obstat and an Imprimatur, issued in January 2021.

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