…it is I, God, who designed Russia for My Glory and it is through her that light will shine out of her darkness; it is through her light that your generation’s heart will be enlightened with the knowledge of My Glory; I shall pour out My Spirit on the House that I had given her and I will display My Holiness in her to honour My Name; (TLIG October 25, 1992)    11th True Life in God  Ecumenical Pilgrimage in Moscow “Honouring Russian Orthodoxy” 2 September – 10 September, 2017   Registrations for the 11th True Life in God Ecumenical Pilgrimage in Moscow/Russia are still open!  Our Pilgrimage will take us on a unique spiritual tour of the most historically significant and sacred Christian sites of Moscow and its suburbs, including the Red Square, the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and many famous monasteries such as Danilov Monastery, Doskoy Monastery,  Novodevichy Monastery and the New Jerusalem Monastery. We shall also visit some of the monasteries in the Golden Ring, St. Sergius Lavra, Suzdal and Vladimir. This will be an opportunity to travel outside Moscow and see the ‘real Russia’.   We will be privileged to visit Russia at a time when we are witnessing the wonderful revival of the Orthodox Church after several decades of Communist persecution.  In the messages Our Lord says that ‘Russia will be the country who will glorify Me most’ and this is already happening. Churches that were bulldozed under Stalin have been rebuilt and many more churches are planned so that in Moscow everyone will have a church within walking distance. Because September in Russia is considered high season there will be a limited number of rooms available and therefore priority will be given to those that register early and pay upon registration.  We are requested to submit the final list of registrants to the Hotel two months prior to the actual Pilgrimage.  Full details and registration at:  http://www.tlig.net/russia  Last day of registration will be July 2nd,2017 See you in Russia! The Pilgrimage Team