January 18, 2002

My Lord?

I Am; peace be with you;

I have shown you My Omnipotence in many ways; all these years I have not deprived you from My Light nor of My Mercy; all I want from you, My sister, is love; love for love, heart for heart; this is My motto for you;

– may you continue to make progress in the path of unity and that My kiss to you refreshes you anew; allow Me to remind you to be in My field like a lily, free from any anxieties or worries;

– may you progress in the path of unity you share with Me and may it widen even more now for My glory;

– let My fatherly kiss console your heart and fill your spirit with zeal for My House;

– let every member of yours sweetly repose in My Heart to obtain strength, perseverance and interior delights of well-being;

– may your labours be fruitful and your activities done in My Name, anointed with the oil of the Source of Life;

– may you be beneficial to the distressed hearts and equally good and tender to the worn down;

– let Me remain dearer to you than anyone or anything that exists on this earth so that through this act of resignation I will overlook men’s wickedness so that they can repent; 1

– may your oppressors who govern in vainglory and pride, accusing you without mercy in their lack of sound judgment, calumniating My gifts I have given you, have their sins fall on their own head;

– let Me augment in you so that when your friends watch you, they may see Me instead of yourself, thus becoming the real reason why they love you;

– I will continue to give Myself more to you so long as you allow My Divine Will to remain in you, relying on It and renouncing your will to Mine;

– may you be blessed for having withdrawn yourself from all that attached you to this world and preferred the Source of Divine Sweetness;

– may your soul be even more motivated now by zeal for the glory of My House in drawing It with cords of love into a spiritual unity, then My Divine Image will be imprinted in It fully, shedding My Light in It once more;

– may you be the perfect icon of unity, graciously drawing everyone to live a true life in Me; by this imperial act of love I would be receiving on My Head the imperial crown of unity;

– may every violent act and hatred coming from man on you be replaced by blessings from Us; 2 these wastrels will have to answer Me in the day of Judgment;

– let every fibre of your heart live for Me giving you enthusiasm to work for Me, and as a slave who claims no wages, you too will never claim any wages but will give heart and soul for the Kingdom of Heaven;

hear Me, I have created you and placed you on earth only for this noble work; bone of My Bone, flesh of My Flesh, remain united and one spirit with Me and meditate on all the vestments I vested you with to procure free access to walk in and out of My Courts; an awesome mystery indeed it is, surpassing all human knowledge and understanding by most of My creation; but I, the heavenly Master, had My Eyes fixed on you and My Hand on yours in order to embroider together with you golden roses, giving them life to spread their sweet fragrance, perfuming not only the Church but the entire cosmos;

without the cooperation of this divine grace I have given you, you would have remained beggared; but now, through divine grace, I have cloistered you entirely in My Heart! having thus made you noble after having joined you to Us; filled and illumined by Our sublime Light, We have raised Our Sceptre and marked on you Our Name to serve Our House and address Our poem of Love to the entire world;

– may your tongue be as ready as the pen of a busy scribe and never tire to witness, even among flames;

I, Jesus, bless you; ic;

1 Through the act of resignation, God’s Mercy falls on man, drawing them to repentance.

2 The Holy Trinity.