Dear friends,

The True Life in God pilgrimages are a very important dimension to the call and work for unity. The pilgrimages are both an occasion to advance ecumenical dialogue and a foretaste of the Unity to come.  As the years go by these encounters become increasingly urgent and important.

On this year’s pilgrimage to Russia, Vassula has invited many new VIPs from many corners of the world and we need to call upon the True Life in God family to help cover their expenses. These events are not just for those attending the pilgrimage but also for all those who are only able to participate in spirit. We would therefore be most grateful if you would make a contribution towards our VIP expenses.

Contributions of any amount can be made directly by credit card at:

Anyone preferring to contribute by bank transfer, please reply to this email or contact [email protected].

Thank you very much for any support you can give.

The Pilgrimage Team