September 7, 1986

peace be with you; come and repent;

How do I do it?

pray and say:
« Father, forgive me for all my sins; »

when you will make this prayer, praise God with all your heart, feeling your words; Daniel;

I, God, love you;

Please give me your name.

Yahweh; never feel miserable because I will reach for you and I will lift you to Me; always remember this; I love you and I will protect you from evil; remember, I will call you more; when you hear My calls, know it is I, Yahweh, who called you; I will meet you in this way; I have given you this gift and I will always be near you; pray more;

(Later on:)

I am here; I am here;

Who is it?

(I had doubts to believe it was Jesus and I wanted to dismiss Him, remembering what the priest had told me, that God does not speak that way.)

Jesus Christ;

Is it you, Daniel? (I tried to ignore Him and was looking for my Angel.)



no, no; it is I, Jesus; remember what I told you before, to turn to Me; lean on Me;

Who is with me? (I feared and had doubts.)

it is I, Jesus;

(Accepting this, I wept.)

why do you weep? I love you;

(I wept because I remembered His sufferings.)

dying was to deliver you! I have delivered you; have peace; call Me and I will be with you;

If anyone from the street saw this, they would laugh at me.

why? for worshipping Me?

For instance, if I showed this to other priests than Fr. Karl, they would mock me, disbelieving me; they’ll say I am mad; they’ll say it’s Satan on my subconscious mind!

how will they feel if I had worked with them in this way?

I don’t really know; some would be convinced. If it was a bishop, they would say they are divine, but also some would think he’s lost his mind because of too much religion going in his head.

have you thought before of God?


do you feel you have changed?

Yes, a lot.

why?… why?

If I may put it right: because God called me and preached to me.

yes; blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God;

(Suddenly all hell broke loose. The beast asked me to worship him. I told him: « Go! » He left. He had said that if I would worship him instead, he will glorify me. I told him to disappear. So he did.)