September 9, 1986

I, Yahweh, love you; realise that I have been with you;

In prayer?

in this way too; I bless you… why, why have you been refusing Me? I am Yahweh; fear not! fear not!… have you felt happy? 1


how then would this be, if it was from the evil one?

Give me your name! (I was suspicious.)

Yahweh is My Name; love Me; I, Yahweh, will help you;

September 10, 1986

peace be with you; I am Yahweh; I am teaching you and reminding you who founded you and who loved you; I want your intimacy; I love you; feel loved; I will protect you; I will console you;

(I suddenly thought that God cannot speak just like that to me, a nobody, so I thought that probably I am mistaken and that I misunderstood. It was probably my angel.)


why do you think it is Daniel?

Because I was approached by Daniel in the beginning. – Daniel?





no; I am Yahweh; are you ready to hear Me?

I bless you, Father, You who taught me. I am happy now.


Because You helped me.

I finally brought you near Me;

May I ask Your name again?


Please understand why I double-check.

I do; are you ready to hear Me?


are you happy to receive Me every time?

Yes. I am overwhelmed with joy.


Because I am filled up with love from You, my God, which pours out of me like a fountain; and it is You, God, who taught me and helped me in this.

help the others too, to feel the same way;


I, Yahweh, shall guide you;

1 During the encounters and the dictations.