September 5, 1986

full you shall be many;

Please explain to me what you mean.

when you will be filled with My Holy Spirit you will be able to guide others to Me and you shall multiply; it means to receive My Holy Spirit in you;

September 6, 1986

peace be with you; love My Mother; She loves you; love Her; 1

I feel so nice and free!

you are far more free than ever before;

Can I ask you one thing?


And you will never forget it?


I would like to augment my faith and my love for you and if You see me slip or stumble, restore me again. I ask this from You, Jesus Christ.

I will help you; sleep not, for the dawn is near; every time you feel weak, pray and call Me; I will be near you, My beloved;

Did you, my Lord, say: « In the middle of My Heart have a place; there you shall live; »?

yes; I will make a place for you; are you willing to live in Me?

Give me your full name again. (I was suspicious and careful.)

Jesus Christ, Beloved Son of God;

Am I accepted?

you are welcomed in My Heart; I will teach you to work so that you meet Me;

(My angel now speaks.)

here is today’s message: read the Bible more;

Should I read all the day?

no; Jesus does not work in this way; He does not wish you to have endless hours of work; Jesus wishes that learning becomes a happiness; He wants you to love it; Dan;

1 Jesus was speaking to me.