September 23, 1986

peace be with you; hear Me; I, God, will never ever abandon you; live in peace; do not feel worried, Vassula; look at yourself, you are the proof of My Love; I have converted you; you are radiating My Love; I, God, preached to you; I held you close to Me because you are My Own; feel how much I love you;

Can I ask why You have given me this Gift?

I gave you this blessing, accept it; call Me any time you wish; I, God, will call you irrespective of who you are;

blessed are the little ones,
for they shall inherit
the kingdom of God;
blessed are the pure in heart,
for they shall see God;

Vassula, read this over and over again and understand it; believe Me, anyone who has got both, the barriers will be shattered and they shall enter in God’s Hall; Abba will welcome them;

October 4, 1986

peace be with you; come, come to Me, delight Me; are you going to ask your question?

Do you feel we are ignoring You?

yes, so beware of sleep… Heaven’s morning star is soon to be seen; would not I, who am Your Father and care for you, not warn you? I am Yahweh, your Creator, and you are all My children;

where, where do you think you will go? did you ever give it a thought? did you really believe you just came on your own? had you believed that I had left you? or that I never existed? did you really believe that My Word was all a dialect of collected Hebrew fairy tales?

hear Me, My Word is alive and the Truth; it is to enlighten you and to help you understand what I am, what you are; My Word is to help you find Me; children, children, is your religion based on scientific understanding? do not push Me away and go on hiding from Me; how did you let yourselves drift away from Me?

believe in the Resurrection; believe how your soul will go on living; do not drift away and live a life analysing how you came to be, since I tell you that you all come from Me; I, God, am your Creator; I have created you because I love life; I made you to live in My Light; I created the heavens, I created everything, how else did you think all this was done? the heavens were not just there, and you did not just happen to be there; creation is done by Me; let your academies teach you more of how you came to be; let them find the answer to the vital question: why do you exist?

some of you do not even bother to ask any questions, accepting life as it comes, not believing that your soul keeps on living once you die; blind! blind! and deaf! refusing to see and hear; are you afraid of finding the Truth? I am the Truth; are you fearing to find Me? have you closed your eyes so that you deny Me? is it simpler for you that way, or are you searching? I am the Way; I am the Way and I love you; I am the Light that shines for everyone to see the Truth;

beloved children, My Heart pains to see you all sleeping; how could I not come to you and warn you? how could I leave you when evil is prowling among you like a wolf waiting to devour you? I want to wake you up so that you meet Me; I am longing to see this glorious moment…will your sleep last forever? 1 – I, God, have called you; I, God, still call you; come to Me;

(Later that afternoon.)

(I have problems again assimilating that it is really God speaking to me.)

peace be with you; remember Who founded the world and the heavens? Who created you? Who blessed you and loved you? Who gave His only begotten Son to the world to save the world? 2

Many would not believe that this is from You. They will say, « It is not from God. God does not work in this way. »

how does God work? does God do any wonders?

Yes, He always did. But it’s me. I am the problem.

are you wicked? are you worshipping another god?

I do not worship another god.

are you calling on other gods in your prayers?


(Then I felt our Blessed Mother’s presence near me.)

love Her; remember when I was on the Cross? what were the words I said? I said that She is your Mother too; She loves you and cares for you; Abba gives to whom He pleases; accept what God is giving you;

How did You feel when the priest was telling me that You would have thrown me out of the Church, and if I knocked at the door of the Church, You would not have opened it because You can refuse?

I wept; I buried My Face in My Hands and wept; My Church is for every man; I welcome anyone who knocks at My door; 3 I, Jesus, will open the door; I am your Redeemer who loves you;

1 God seemed to be talking to Himself, just here.
2 Jesus was speaking of His Father.
3 Matth. 7:7: « Knock and the door will be opened to you. »