September 19, 1986

peace be with you; I am Peace; do not rebel against Me; all those who have ears listen; listen to My calls; why, why have you forsaken Me? I, who love you so much; why are you so few who remember Me? have I, God, not founded you? have I not loved you, cherished you and blessed you? are you diverted by fantasies? is this what you claim to be? have you not felt Me? purify yourselves for I am within you; are you, beloved, like leaves, when autumn comes, you shrivel and fall? children, children, come back to Me; fill up My Holy Places and delight Me;

Dear Father in Heaven, what if they will not listen?

every man has ears, they should know why I made them for; I have given them eyes to distinguish between darkness and light;

augment My happiness, daughter, by keeping your love for Me; welcome Me in your prayers; I am your Heavenly Father, God Almighty; read My Word; rely on it;

September 21, 1986

(Doubts again that God can speak to me. This time Jesus spoke.)

Glory be to God;

Is that you, Daniel?

why, why Daniel?

Daniel is the one who always glorifies God.

are you quite sure that only Daniel glorified God?

(Here I understood; I smiled.)

why are you doubting? I am Jesus Christ, God’s Beloved Son; – I love you all;