October 5, 1986

peace be with you; I brought you up so that you may be My bearer;
When will I know to whom I should give the messages?

leave these things to Me; I will name you, Vassula: My bearer;

I make so many mistakes.

I accept your mistakes because you are only learning now; I am Peace; I will never leave you with a message that brings you unrest; 1 I will give you My messages, then, when the time is right, I will guide you to deliver them; are you willing to do this for Me?

Name Yourself before I accept.

I am Yahweh, your God;

I accept to be guided by Yahweh.

any message that will give you anxiety or any message that will leave you worried, does not come from Me; I am Peace and Love; I want you to feel peace working with Me;

October 9, 1986

peace be with you; I, God, want My children to come to Me; I want My children to live in peace;

Were you troubled when you wrote down the message of the 8th? 2

beloved, how can I not be? when they are living in a period of blood; My messages cry out for Peace! I, God, am the Almighty and I am able to discipline destruction and withdraw evil, guarding peace and order, but I want My children to wake up; with all My children back, I, God, will be full of happiness; I am full of Love, full of Pity, I am your Consoler;

1 God started to teach me to discern.
2 Editor’s Note: see October 12, 1986.