October 12, 1986

peace be with you; Light is giving you guidance; beloved, live peacefully;

I want to tell you that I felt peace and comfortable with Dan.

(I felt nostalgia for my angel.)

leave him, for he is but My servant; I am your Creator, God Almighty;

I must tell you that I did feel in peace with Dan and that I love him.

I know, leave him;

He told me once: « No man ever loved his angel as much as you do. » Did he say this, meaning it?

he meant it; leave him now and be with Me; lean your head on Me; feel how I love you; you are my daughter; I am your Heavenly Father and I bless you; you are Mine; I am Yahweh, and I will never let anyone harm you; feel My love I have for you; listen to Me:

I watched you grow from your tender childhood; I held you close to Me and saw you were pleasing to My Eyes; I looked at grow like the wild flowers I created; My Heart was filled with joy to watch you live in My Light; I remained near you; My bud started to blossom, you reached the time to be loved; I felt you and you delighted Me; I felt your heart and blessed you; I read your wishes and loved feeling them; I remained near you, helping you to keep up your beauty;

I saw you had flowered, so I called you, but you did not hear Me; I called again, but you ignored Me; you came to see Me now and then and My Heart rejoiced to see you; these few times you came to see Me, 1 I was filled up with joy! I knew you were Mine, but you seemed to have forgotten Me; you never even felt that I was near you;

years went by; your fragrance left you; your leaves, exposed in the harsh winter winds began to fall; your head was bent and your petals lost their velvety freshness and their beauty; the sun had started to scorch you; your feelings grew hard; hear Me, I watched you with pity; I could not bear it any longer; many a time I approached you, feeling you, but you were too far gone; you could not recognise Me; you knew not anymore the One who was bent over you, holding you and calling you by your name;

I lamented to see your beauty gone, to see that I held in My arms a wretched child, deplorable to look at; your sight made My Heart cry, for I could still see in your eyes a faint light of love, the love of your youth you once had for Me; I lifted you to Me, your little hands clutched on Me; I felt relieved to see Me child needing Me; I took you back home and healed you with all My Love; I gave you water to quench your thirst; I nourished you and I slowed nursed you back to health;

I am your Healer; I am your Redeemer; I will always be; I will never leave you; I love you; I, God, will never let you lose yourself again; delight Me now and stay with Me; I raised you up, beloved; lean on Me, turn to Me and look at Me; I am God, your Heavenly Father; realise why I am with you; I, God, will do the same thing to all My other sons and daughters, for you are all Mine; I will not let them scorch in the sun; I shall protect them and restore them; I will not wait to see their leaves scatter; I will not wait to see you thirst; remember, I, God, love all of you; I am going to reunite you all;

(In this passage, God showed me a vision while He was speaking of the state of my soul. Had I died then, my soul would have been in a very dark area. What I saw was this: I saw myself as a tiny child, around six years old. I saw myself stretched on the ground, lying on my right side. I was very thin and I had barely any hair on me, it looked very, very short. The place was very dark and the sky black.

Then I heard myself. I was breathing with pain, just like someone who has got asthma. Standing near me, behind me, was Someone. His mere presence was consoling. I saw him bend over me and lifted me all the way to His Bosom. I felt his Immense Love and I saw this little person that was me, turn my eyes leftward to see Him. The white of my eyes was yellow and I was shocked to see how sick I was! With the little strength I had and whatever was left in me, I saw my skinny little hand stretch and clasp desperately His large sleeve. Immediately at this gesture I felt the Holy One’s Heart: His Heart cried out of pity, such pity and love! He carried me then ever so gently and tenderly to His House. And like a watchman, His Eyes never left me. And like a most loving mother, He raised me. And with His Love, He healed me.)

1 In Church.