November 20, 1986

peace be upon you for your faith in Me; cling on Me and lean on Me; I, Yahweh, will give you strength; I love you, daughter; you will have My Voice whispering in your ear, leading you, guiding you, counselling you for I love you; I will teach you to notice the difference between My Voice and other voices; I will strengthen your feelings and discernment to enable you to recognise Me;

hear Me: I am your Teacher who blessed you; Vassula, do you feel happy meeting Me in this way?

Very happy! Overwhelmed! Because I feel entirely covered by Your Love.

I, God, Yahweh, love you; have My Peace and do not forget that I am always beside you; never ever be discouraged, daughter, when you fall into errors for you are learning; you have just begun learning; always lean on Me and I shall never fail you; I, God, am before you; do not let men discourage you; remember, I, God, am beside you;

(Later on:)

peace be with you; I, Yahweh, am here; listen and write, daughter:

for how long are you1 able to endure without Me? sanctify yourselves! live holy, be holy, for I am Holy! I have come to tell you, My child, that no one can live forever in darkness; I have fashioned you to my likeness; I gave you a heart to love and understand;

tell Me: what can wilderness offer you? it will give you blisters on your skins and your palates will dry; you will be craving for shelter and you will not find it; there will be no one to give you rest or clean your wounds, no one to soothe you and give you water to revive you; I am the Way, I am the Redeemer who will send His Peace to you like a flowing river; I shall fill you with living water; let the wicked abandon their wickedness and turn back to Me;

1 God talks to those who abandoned Him.