November 17, 1986

peace be with you; I, Yahweh, formed you; I called you and you heard Me1 …. I preached to you and by paths unknown yet to you I conducted you; lift your eyes and look at the One who adopts you now; understand that I it is, who gave you this gift;

yes, I have blessed you and gave you My Peace; beloved, you are Mine; learn how I, Yahweh, work; learn by reading My Word; I am your Teacher so do not despair for you are only in the beginning of your learning; do not be afraid, My daughter; Vassula, I know your capacity; so come to Me any time for I am your Redeemer;

November 18, 1986

Can I be in Your Light?

you can be in My Light;

Can I be with Yahweh, my Lord?

I am Yahweh and you are with me;

Did you call me?

I did; I called you;

Are you my Lord, the Author of these calls?

I Am their Author;

You call many, don’t you? So this is a regular call like all other calls, the only difference in this is that it is in written form, isn’t it?

My daughter, my daughter, hear Me:

by calling you in this way, I mean to contact others too, for all those who abandoned Me and do not hear Me; because of these reasons this call is in written form; I, Yahweh, will remind them in this call of many events so that My beloved ones may approach Me;

accept the way I am conducting you: I will encourage those with little faith to build up their faith in Me; it is a call for those who laid aside My Word, to bring them back and read My Word; it is to tell them that My Word is Alive, Holy and Blessed; it is a call to wake them up; it is a call of love and peace; it is a call to remind them how their foundations began and that I, God, am their Creator; I want to remind them that they are not fatherless and that I love them all;

1 God seemed most pleased that I heard Him.