November 2, 1986

peace be with you; I, God, called you irrespective of what you are; I love you; hear Me, Vassula: I have formed you to be able to recognise Me; it is I who helped you to flourish, so glorify Me and lead others too to Me;

Oh, how could I? I don’t know how! 1

I, God, will help you; feel happy and do not feel burdened; I will not let you drown! 2 I find ways to give My Messages, so do not worry, My Vassula; I shall guide your step; I, God, am in you; never feel abandoned; I live in you; beloved, I shall fill you with My Holy Spirit, be full; I, Yahweh, beckoned you to follow Me; with Me you will feel My Peace, you will be joyful; let everyone rejoice and understand that I, God, am a living God;

I will give you My support; remain in My Light and remember: do not get discouraged for I am always with you; go in peace;

November 10, 1986

(For two days I felt terrible. Doubts again! Satan attacked me for two whole days. All this is beyond me, and I feel very discouraged. How can God be speaking to me? Every time he approached me, I would discard Him. My mind is reeling… How is it possible that God can speak and converse with me! I must be dreaming, yet I go for dictation.)

peace be with you, child; I, Yahweh, am present; hear Me: I bless you; live in peace and never, never feel inconsolable for I love you; why have you doubted that it is I? have I not taught you to love Me? I guided you and helped you; I shone on you;

I am discouraged.

the devil left you feeling discouraged; I have indeed felt your misery so I have come down to encourage you; I, Yahweh, will never leave you; do not ever believe I will forsake you; I am always near you, so turn to Me and look at Me; feel My great love I have for you; why, did you believe I hid My Face from you? My love I have for you is eternal;

I, Yahweh, have approached you even though you had forgotten Me and never remembered Me for several years; I have approached you although you had no love for Me; I came down to you to tell you of the love I have for you and to remind you that I, God, have always loved you; I came to teach you My precepts: learn that I bless and love each one of you; you are My beloved sons and daughters whom I cherish; I gave you this grace to be able to see Me, recognise Me, and hear Me; I called you and you heard Me, My child, but why, why were you so indifferent towards Me?

I don’t know why.

is it because nobody told you that I blessed you, that I love you, that I am your Heavenly Father and that you are Mine? have you not known, have you not heard, that I, Yahweh, am your Father? has all this been hidden from you? have they not taught you who I Am? hear Me and take My Message:

free yourselves from the chains of evil; the devil’s flames are only growing, getting closer to you; ah, I am afflicted and I groan with pain to see you lying listless, wretched; you are not aware of what is happening to your soul! I am Holy, live holy; do not listen to those apostates who still wander in darkness telling you that My Word is for the old; learn that your soul lives on, so do not harm yourselves by remaining asleep; 3

hear Me, daughter: leave your doubts and listen to Me; come to meet Me in this way; meet Me for I am your Creator; see? I, Yahweh, taught you to love Me irrespective of what you are; listen to Me: 4 why, why is it that My own do not come to Me anymore? why are they abandoning Me?…… how could they forget Me? does a bride forget her bridegroom? 5 for countless days you have forsaken your Redeemer; do not ask: what is His Name? I am He who pampered you from childhood; do not let yourselves by drifted away by the current of dead things which lead you into arid lands where dryness prevails, for you shall die; your throats will dry from the sun which will scorch you;

come to Me, come and I shall fill your cup; I will brim it over with living water sweeter than wine and I will let you rest on My green pastures; your wearied head you will rest on Me; should you feel naked and cold, I, with My cloak will give you shelter and warmth; then I will pour all My love I have for you and shower you with My blessings; ah…what will I yet not do for you, seedlings!

remember this: I could choose any dry piece of wood and turn it into a fruitful tree; I do not call only the just and the blameless, I call every son and daughter of Mine, irrespective of their deeds; I, God, love you in the same way; you are all from Me, so abide in Me; do not question yourselves why it is that Yahweh appears now, again, calling you; I am free to ride the heavens and pass by you, I, Yahweh, am the first and till the last, I shall still be there; I am free to step out of Heaven and leave My Throne to descend all the way when I please; I have no changed since My creation, see? I will always be the same;

and you, daughter, leave your doubts behind and allow Me to grasp you by your hand; I bless you for the love you have for Me and the faith you have given Me; I, God, love you; go in peace;

1 I was at a total loss with God’s command.
2 There was a tone of fatherly humour.
3 God then turned to me.
4 God had a very kind and fatherly, complaining voice.
5 Is. 54:5: « For your Creator is your husband, Yahweh Sabaoth is His Name. »