May 27, 1986

peace be with you; I will do all that God wants me to do; I will lead you to God; Dan;

Father! Father of the Heavens, lead everything and give me strength!

What are you saying?

I was praying to the Father in Heaven; Glory be to God; Jesus is always with you; call Jesus in your prayers; I will lead you to your Father;

(I started to fear that I was being deceived.)

fear not; my messages do no harm to you; love God; love him more; Daniel;

May 30, 1986

peace be with you; lead a pure life; I shall pray for you; love Jesus Christ, He loves you;

fear not, for I am near; come to Me; I am here; 1

(I asked my angel.)

Where are you usually?

I am where you are;

Could you see me as clear as I see things?


Where are you when I run down the stairs?

I am with you;

Where are you now?

I am near you;

Where will you be when I die?

you will meet me; I shall be by your side;

Tell me something…

I love God; glorify God; Dan;

May 31, 1986

peace; peace be with you; God loves you, showing His love; God loves you all, far beyond anybody’s understanding; love God, for God is good; love Him with all your strength; Daniel;

1 I ignored this sentence that came from Jesus out of fear I was deceived. I spoke to my angel then and pretended I never heard anything.