June 1, 1986

peace to you; be good; stop reading those books; 1 the Bible preaches the Truth; Dan;

June 2, 1986

peace, peace to you; remember God; He did wonders from the beginning; all Glory comes from God; God will bond you to Him; go with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ; every one ends; from end comes beginning; leave in peace; Dan;

June 6, 1986

(I recalled a dream I had a few months back. )

I dreamt (vision) that you protected me from a snake.

how could I leave you when that snake was savouring you! go in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ; Dan;

(This is what I saw:

I was sitting on a sofa in my house. Opposite me on another sofa sat all my family. Suddenly I heard a slight noise on my left hand side, from the corner of the room on that side, which was rather obscure; and from that dark corner I saw crawling on the floor, a snake. That snake was my pet. It came out of its corner to search for food since I had stopped feeding it. It found a dish with three grapes, which it swallowed in its hunger entirely, but it was not sufficient and it crept into the kitchen to look for more, while passing between the sofas.

I immediately pulled my feet up, fearing now because I had become its enemy and I feared that it would sense this and it would strike me. I feared very much. So I got up to catch it, lest it struck one of my family. The minute the snake realised my intentions it prepared itself to strike me. I feared so much that I grasped the top of a cupboard and hanging from there, I coiled up my legs; and while the snake stood up on its rear, I heard a voice. Upon hearing the voice the snake feared, and went away from me.

I jumped down and ran to see who this was. I saw a tall man, and I understood he was my guardian angel. He said: « Why do you fear? » I said: « I’m afraid of the snake, it is loose. » He said: « I will go and chase it away. » He went into the kitchen, and as I was moving away, I thought: « Perhaps I should also help him. » So I also went into the kitchen. This man opened the kitchen door wide open, then he took a stick and with that tried to cast it out, while I was making so much noise, waving my hands and stamping my feet to frighten it away. Every time the snake wanted to escape and was coming my way, I stood stomping my feet, blocking its way. It panicked and in its panic it went out of the house. Once out, the guardian angel slammed the door shut.

There was a window on the right hand side of the door. Both my angel and I looked out to see what would happen to the snake. It went out sliding down the stairway. But the stairway was very busy with people going up and down and so, frightened lest it would be trodden upon, it made its way back to the house. But it found the door shut. Then it really panicked. It slipped down the stairway very quickly into a hall and out of the wide glass doors of the hall. The minute it crossed the threshold of that glass door, the snake was transformed into a gigantic ugly toad. It found itself surrounded by snow and icy weather. There were people who saw it out there and the minute they raised the alarm, from looking like a toad, it took the form and shape of a woman. But the evil spirit was recognised and the people caught it and strapped it, tying it up. When they were doing this, I felt that the straps were not secure and that one day it would again escape.)

1 Bad literature.