June 7, 1986

peace to you; start praying; I want you to progress spiritually; Peace is God; remember God’s Word; Dan;

June 8, 1986

I will heal you spiritually; Dan;

June 9, 1986

I will defend you; I will guard you and give you every protection you need; never fear;

(Later on:)

glory be to God; never fear death; the end1 becomes wonderful; praise Dad; 2 Daniel;

June 10, 1986

peace be with you; I prayed for you to end your discussions that will never progress you, nor will you earn anything from them; turn to God and lean on Him; glory be to God; Dan;

June 12, 1986

come and pray; the end of your life is the beginning only of eternity;

love God deeply; give God everything; lead a pure life; worship God; forgive; every meaning of your life should sum up to good; Dan;

June 13, 1986

peace be with you; be good; worship God everywhere you go; worship God for He is good; praise the Messiah; you will work for God; every way of worshipping God is good; leave now with peace; Daniel;

June 14, 1986

peace be with you; need Jesus to give you more faith; this gift3 was given from God; make a prayer; Dan;

1 After death.
2 He called our Eternal Father, Dad (=Abba).
3 To hear and to write these messages.