June 17, 1986

peace be with you; learn good Emmanuel’s Word; read every day the Bible and your soul will progress; lead a meek life; Dan;

June 18, 1986

peace be with you; these messages are a means of meditation; reading the Bible progresses your soul; feel loved;


is Love; feel his Love;

loves you


June 19, 1986

peace, peace be with you; Vassula, be good in every way; lean on God and love him; praise Jesus; Dan;

June 20, 1986

peace be with you;

I, Jesus, love you;

(Direct words from our Lord.)

June 22, 1986

peace be with you; turn to Faith and keep it forever; Faith helps you; Faith in God gives you love; Faith brings you closer to the Most High; Faith gives you Peace and Love; praise the Lord Jesus; God is a loving God; pray, feel loved by Jesus; everybody is loved by God; praise God; glorify God; every man is loved by God; glory be to God for restoring you; Dan;

June 23, 1986

God is Peace; Peace is Love; Dan;

June 24, 1986

years shall flow by but Jesus will remain God’s Beloved Son;

(Phase III.)

peace be with you; years shall flow by and Jesus will still be healing; Jesus has done healings that revealed His Glory; Jesus loves all of you; remember what He said: « I love you all; I have given you forever Myself; » Jesus died to save you all; Jesus conquered Death and is glorified; Dan;