January 30, 1987

I want to thank You, Father, for delivering me from evil. My Saviour, I have never thanked You enough when You came all the way from Heaven to me. All the time You have been my Protector and Redeemer. When I was surrounded by evil, my soul suffered. When Satan attacked me, with lies and fabrications, You did not wait. You came to my rescue. Demons were all around me to kill me, and so my soul, remembering Your works of old, cried out to You. You came to me full of pity, delivering my soul from their clutches. May You be blessed and Your Name glorified.

all Wisdom comes from Me; when I heard your cry in the days of your ordeal, I lifted you to My breast; I, Yahweh, am your Redeemer; I wanted you, daughter, to need Me; I wanted to remind you of My Mercy; O daughter, your soul had been close to death; all evil was surrounding you, 1 attacking you; they despised you; becoming their sport they sought to take away your life and devour you when they heard of My Plans; amongst the fury ravaging you, I heard from earth your plea; how could I resist? I could no longer see you surrounded by evil; 2 I came rushing to you, enveloping your helpless soul in My arms, lifting you in My graciousness to Me; I revived you when My Light shone on you;

daughter, I will make you understand fully: I am your God and because you are precious in My Eyes, I will protect your soul; I am your first Father; have I not told you all about it and revealed it long ago? do not be afraid, daughter whom I have chosen; I, Yahweh, will show My mercy to mankind and I will heal many; I, Yahweh, have appointed you to be My bearer well before you were born; you are to bear My message of peace and love and many will learn to live truly a holy life in Me;

I will help you glorify Me and I will continue to teach you, daughter; I will heal you from your guilt and I will give you My Peace, from My Heart where I wish you to abide forever; I, Yahweh, will guide you till the end; I love you, never forget this; I am Wisdom and all Wisdom will come from Me;

1 This was when I was attacked by Satan, when he realised that God had designs on me; he, together with his demons, wanted to kill me. God allowed this to happen so that I would cry out to Him, need Him and abandon myself to Him.
2 I was attacked by the demons so viciously that when I called out to my angel the only thing he could tell me was: « Pray! » My angel, too, was in this battle, helping to protect me.