January 29, 1987

I am Yahweh, your Heavenly Father, Creator of heaven and earth; daughter, little one, My dearest, I love you; fulfil My message; do not fear, I am always beside you; go and declare My Word and deliver My message to all mankind; do not fear, I shall open your mouth in prayer; I will fill you with the spirit of understanding; you will toil day and night, but not in vain; accept My messages, beloved; you will walk with Me; I will be your guide; do not worry for I will supply every want in due time;

(Later on, Jesus spoke.)

it is I, Jesus; come, Vassula; all the messages are given by My Father and Me; fulfil My Words; do not fear; I will remain with you; I will be teaching you; I will be your inheritance; come, let us go together;

follow Me, beloved; I am Jesus Christ;

Am I hurting you, Jesus, unwillingly? I have this tendency to wrongdoing.

you will grieve Me, daughter, were you to abandon Me; loving Me as you do rejoices Me; do you not understand? realise that by leaving Me I will get offended, Vassula; I, Jesus, have taught you to love Me;

Jesus, what is the proof it is You in all this?

look at yourself, you are the proof; you are the proof of My love;

Vassula, I roused you from nothingness to be with Me, so come to your Consoler; approach Me and do not fear Me; I will form you so that you bring back My sons and My daughters from far away; many of those who bear My Name yet have forsaken Me will be adopted by Me as I am adopting you now; so thrust yourself in My Heart;

Vassula, any time I feel your heart I find a soft spot on which I can always rest My head; I feel I can rely on you giving Me rest; I, Jesus, love you; remember that your sufferings are Mine too; lean on Me today and offer Me all your love; I need to be comforted;

(I was stunned that Jesus wanted comfort from me.)

How can I comfort you, Lord?

by letting Me rest on that soft spot; today I have someone whom I love that will hurt Me once more; fill Me with your consolation…

What could I do to console you, Lord?

let me leave My Cross on you again; unburden Me, let Me rest; I want you to bear it for Me because I trust you; O daughter, do not deny Me ever again like the other day! 1

Forgive me. I had felt so unworthy that I was tempted to call Your servant and refuse You. I will not do it again.

O daughter, I know, but have I not laid down My life for all of you? here now, I entrust you with My Cross; soon you will realise how heavy My Cross is; later on, I will come back to relieve you; this is the way you and I will work together; we will help each other in this way;

1 I had called my angel and pushed away Jesus.