January 31, 1987


I Am; I am here; I, Jesus Christ, am your Teacher, your Spouse and your God; Vassula, listen to Me carefully now:

My Father has chosen you to be His bearer; I have come to you in your nothingness and revealed My Heart to you, blessing you; in all his sovereignty, My Father conveyed you to His servant Daniel1 to attract your attention; during this period, when he held you fast, to bring you to Us, 2 you were attacked; the devil, knowing of My Plans, tried to discourage you;

in the beginning you had no love for Me; yet I was near you all the time, telling you that I love you; but you were cold and indifferent towards Me; afflicted by untimely mourning, My Heart ached with sorrow; how was it that Our own child would fall, corrupting Our image to that extent? where had the beauty of Our work gone? so that you would see straight again, We3 had to inflict on you the extreme penalty of your rebellion; 4 you sinned but you were still Ours; then, in the middle of your ordeal, I heard your plea; you were beginning to realise that I, your Lord, could be your Refuge; to make you turn to Me and surrender I had to order you to withdraw from writing; yes, I shut the doors to heaven; I whirled you away by My breath of justice; I whirled you away so that you would truly repent;

I wanted you to need Me; I wanted you to love Me; I made you feel the touch of death, but I made you surrender yourself to Me as you remember; I had then sent you My angel Daniel back to you to heal your wounds which were part of your ordeal; Daniel’s work was to bring you to Us; it was I who called you; I nursed you back to health with love and tenderness; I charmed you with my beauty; I healed you so that you would be a fruitful tree; I showered down learnings and discernment on you and dictated to you My messages;

I am revealing My Face to you all; Wisdom is delivering her resources not only to the just but to the unjust too; I love all of you, so I tell you: grow in My Spirit; grow like the cedars, spreading your branches wide; I have raised you to be My bearer to bring back to Me all those who are leading wicked and foolish lives; I will take you on My wings and go around My vault; covering the earth like mist, from heights to depths, across the seas I will take you; I and you will cover the whole earth with My message;

Vassula, try and perceive what is written; I am your Strength, so do not fear; all the revelations I am giving you will come to light; I am your support and I love you; accept My teachings; I am instructing you to be My follower; instruction comes from Me; Wisdom loves life and shares out her works with the simple; I will give you that ever-flowing River in abundance; then, like a drop of morning dew falling on the ground, I will send you out to all mankind; I will give you to them as My gift, thus enabling them to understand Me more, for this is My Will;

O daughter, how I long for this day!

1 My guardian angel.
2 The Holy Trinity.
3 The Holy Trinity.
4 He allowed Satan to attack me.